The original Colossal Cafe in south Minneapolis is moving to a more colossal location


The wee little cafe that could has proven its mettle -- and is moving on. Facebook

The Colossal Cafe in south Minneapolis has always been a source of wonderment for its diners and those of us who dream of owning a restaurant.

Seating just 15 people, its charms more than outweigh its postage stamp-sized footprint. For the restaurant dreamer in all of us, it seems like a perfectly sized starter operation.

Yet the time has come for the original Colossal Cafe to bust out of its tiny cocoon. The diminutive space that started it all (the little diner is now a small chain with three locations) is moving to the old Pilgrimage Cafe space -- in part because they'll double their seating capacity. 

The menu will not change. They'll still serve their beloved signature yeasty "flappers," and other breakfast faves.

And, don't go getting any big ideas, dreamers. Colossal is keeping the little space on 42nd Street for another use, which they're keeping top secret for the time being. 

The original space closes on March 31.


You'll be getting your flappers in a larger location from now on. Photo courtesy of Colossal Cafe Facebook Page

The new Colossal Cafe will open in the old Pilgrimage space sometime this spring. 

1839 E 42nd St, Minneapolis (until March 31)
2403 E 38th St., Minneapolis

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