The Onion explores tuna mayo Doritos

The A.V. Club of spoof newspaper The Onion might not be your go-to spot for food news, but maybe it should be. Taste-testing questionable products is their strong suit, as seen in this piece about the many bizarre flavors of American products like Doritos, Cheetos, and Pringles that are cropping up in Japan.

For this test, The Onion sampled: -Doritos in Crab Cream Gratin Pizza and Tuna Mayonnaise -Chocolate-covered Cheetos -Pringles in Mayonnaise Cheese and White Cream Cheese, as well as a series of American-themed flavors like Las Vegas Spareribs, Grand Canyon French Fries, and New Yorker's Street Cheese Dog

Reactions to the chips were almost universally bad, with comments like "smelled like fish food" and "tasted like scabbed-over ketchup." Even the chocolaty Cheetos had no fans. But don't let those reactions turn you off--If any of those flavors happen to get your mouth watering, you can order them here.

Also, stay tuned for when the A.V. Club tackles the 19 new flavors of Kit-Kat being introduced in Japan, including "chocolate sweet baked potato."

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