The Office Pub & Grill coming to the North Loop

The Office Pub & Grill looks to setup in Minneapolis' North Loop<br /><br />

The Office Pub & Grill looks to setup in Minneapolis' North Loop

Looks like the North Loop is about to get itself another craft beer bar. The Office Pub & Grill will slip right in between JD Hoyts and Deja Vu, just past the intersection of Washington and 3rd Avenue. 

The bar and restaurant is owned by Peter Hafiz and Jason Mohney who also own the Brass Rail and the Gay 90's. According to the Business Journal, Hafiz also has an ownership stake in both Sneaky Pete's and Smack Shack. 

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The Office Pub & Grill will carry 36 different craft beer varieties and will host an outdoor patio that can seat up to 44.

In a Notice of Public Hearing document posted online, the Office Pub & Grill will be seeking a Class B liquor license, which according to the document, "permits live music and singing without limits on the number of musicians, singers or the type of amplification."

Whereas the license allows for live music, things not allowed with a Class B liquor license include theater and vaudeville acts, contests, and employee dancing. We're guessing that they're planning on leaving most of that up to their next-door neighbors anyway.

Stay tuned for more information on when the Office Pub & Grill will open for business.

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