The Nye's piano bar will be reborn -- at the very same address!


Nye's owners' said they didn't realize how much people loved the place until they went to close it down. Aaron Lavinsky, Star Tribune

Coming soon to the former home of Nye's: Nye's.

Brothers Rob and Tony Jacob, former co-owners of Nye's Polonaise Room, have announced that Nye's Piano Bar is setting up shop in the Montage apartment building at 112 E. Hennepin Ave., Suite 101.

Yep, 112 E. Hennepin -- the very address the beloved Polish bar called home for its historic 66-year run.

The owners say Nye's should be up and running by a certain late December holiday.

Merry Christmas, Nye's regulars.

“We didn’t think we had as many followers as we discovered a couple of years ago,” Rob Jacob tells City Pages, with a chuckle. “We felt we had an obligation to bring it back.” 

Jacob promises piano sing-alongs -- the piano itself will be situated where the polka band once set up -- plus jumbo martinis, craft cocktails, beer, wine, and champagne. (No food.) Nye's 2.0 will be open seven days a week, and will periodically welcome small bands to the stage.

To be clear, this is a new concept from the brothers Jacob, who'd bought the bar in 1999, and not an attempt to revive their local landmark. That Nye's is gone, and "new Nye's," as Jacob calls it, won't be the same.

“What we wanted to do is put to rest the old Nye’s, and start a new history, with new Nye’s," he says. “Our style, the way we treat customers, will never go away. It’s new ownership, but it’s the same owners.”

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