The Northern Heartland Kitchen cookbook: Win a copy!

Comment to win this book!

Comment to win this book!

Local author Beth Dooley, who-co authored Savoring the Seasons of the Northern Heartland with chef Lucia Watson, has a new cookbook coming out this fall. Her Northern Heartland Kitchen, which builds on the content in the previous book, aims to be a comprehensive guide to local, seasonal eating.

The Northern Heartland recipes--200 some--are organized into autumn, winter, spring, and summer sections. The first chapter includes everything from fresh chestnut soup to cranberry sorbet and, if you're not so familiar with either main ingredient, Dooley has sprinkled in information on the history, cultivation, and preparation, of these native foods.


There are recipes that call for wild foods, such as one for nettle soup, and others that bear the influence of more recent immigrant groups, such as a Hmong-style Hot and Sour Vegetable Soup with Tofu. There's even a recipe for the Minnesota State Fair blue ribbon winning pickle, Sweet Garden Crunchers. Several local purveyors--from pork producers to flour millers--have also been tapped for knowledge in sidebar commentaries.

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