The Non-Safe Choice: Minnesota Omelet at Crave


The only way to make Crave's Minnesotan omelet more authentically Minnesotan would be to wrap it in lefse and/or jam it onto a stick. The dish contains dried cranberries, steamed wild rice, duck confit and Amablu blue cheese made by the Faribault Dairy Company.

This combination sounds like trouble, as it's clearly concerned with being a theme dish rather than food calculated specifically to be delicious. And yet: It tastes as though it was calculated specifically to be delicious. The soft, creamy, gently tangy Amablu blue cheese plays wonderfully with the mild duck confit, and the cranberries provide regular drumbeats of bright flavor as you make your way through the dish.

It could in fact be a metaphor for Crave itself: at first glance, pricey, high concept, potentially a scam perpetrated upon Galleria customers with more money than sense. And then... pure quality and comforting warmth.

Minnesota Omelette at Crave Price: $10.95 Fear and/or Confusion Factor While Ordering (out of 10): 7 Actual Fear and/or Confusion Factor, While Eating : 2 Taste: 9