The Non-Safe Choice: Anchovy Pizza at Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza


Anchovies on pizza are essentially known only as a punchline — few pizzerias offer them as toppings, and they've got a foul reputation, primarily among the masses of folks who have never tried them. Americans don't typically like eating whole animals, and the idea of having the majority of a fish sitting on top of your pizza — as opposed to, say, a pepperoni — is a non-starter for most folks.

Therefore, you have to applaud the courage of the newly opened Warehouse District pizzeria Black Sheep (at 600 Washington Ave N.) In addition to doing some of the best chewy/crunchy crust in the known universe, they've offering anchovies as a topping choice.

Somewhat off-putting in appearance (yep, those are in fact fish on your pizza), the intensely salty and sweetly pungent taste of the anchovies actually work surprisingly well with the pizza's sauce, cheese and crust, none of which are particularly low-key; from a flavor and texture perspective, pizza's a tough customer, and sometimes it takes a bold ingredient to really bring out the best in it. If you're a fan of challenging flavors (briny and seafoody, in particular), you may have a new favorite pizza. If not, you'll be surprised at how decent your slice tastes despite the dead fish on it.

Anchovy Pizza at Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza Price: $9 for a 12-inch pizza Fear and/or Confusion Factor While Ordering (out of 10): 8 Actual Fear and/or Confusion Factor, While Eating : 5 Taste: 5-9, depending on how you feel about the taste of the sea