The new Fulton brewery will bring bottling back to MN and increase distribution

Fulton is expanding, though most fans won't notice much of a difference.

That's because while Fulton has officially started producing beer in its new Northeast Brewery on 2540 Second St. NE, the new and much larger space will not be open to the public. Instead, the brewery will use it to brew the majority of Fulton's beer lineup while the existing space in the North Loop will be used for small-batch releases and the taproom. The current taproom will remain the public face of operations, as Minnesota law allows for only one taproom license per company.

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Fulton was founded in 2008 as a contract brewery before moving into the taproom space a stone's throw from Target Field. As its beers grew in distribution, Fulton quickly ran out of space at the 6,000-square-foot space and has since been contracting out bottling work to a brewery in Wisconsin. Fulton began work on the new space last September and recently brewed its first batch in the new space.

Now, with a massive 51,000-square-foot facility, more than eight times larger than its original space, Fulton will soon resume its own bottling line and increase its reach across the state. (For comparison, the new Surly building is to be 60,000 square feet.) Fulton is planning to produce about 20,000 bbl in the new space in 2015, a rise from roughly 15,000 bbl this year. The brewery recently added northwestern Minnesota and Fargo to its distribution.

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