The meats have arrived! Lowry Hill Meats is now open

What pretty meat you have

What pretty meat you have

We've been salivating over the big red neon sign emblazoned simply with the word "Meats" for the past few months, and at long last, Lowry Hill Meats has opened to an impressive turnout. Now we can salivate over actual meats, then buy them, then eat them in the form of sandwiches. 

For review: Lowry Hill Meats = focused, laser-like, on humanely-raised, sustainable meat from local farms. Transparent butcher shop that you can hang out in. Sandwich shop. Serious cheese selection. High quality butter, milk, eggs, bread, stocks and lard. It's the butcher shop your great grandparents likely shopped in, then it disappeared for a generation or two in favor of lesser places. Now it's back, and from the looks of things, lots and lots of neighbors in this lucky neighborhood are mighty happy to have it. 

It's great to see the place full of life— the staff were all making super valiant and capable effort to keep up with impressive demand for meats and more meats. 

The simple but perfect sandwich program will be no small boon to the neighborhood, which clamored, four years ago at the addition of Rye Deli, which ultimately disappointed. We predict no such fate will befall this place, where the sandwiches are made the way they ought: little more than high quality bread, meat cut on site, and a thin schmear of mustard, butter, or sliver of cheese. 

Impressively, price points remain almost entirely in the under $10 range, including, impressively again, and $8 quarter pounder (Wednesdays only) and a roast beef with meat piled to manly proportion. 

And, at long last, someone has put a kimchee grilled cheese on a menu. These yin/ yang bedfellows make as much sense as Bert & Ernie. Which is to say, all the sense. All the sense in the world. And, it's completely vegetarian! 

The big, red meats signage looks even better as a backdrop for customers.

The big, red meats signage looks even better as a backdrop for customers.

Other things we love about the place: ultra helpful staff at the ready to tell you everything you need to know about your meat and more. Big, sunny windows and stools for lingering, sandwich eating, coffee sipping and staring out onto the ever more cosmopolitan Hennepin & Franklin intersection. Weekend breakfast sandwiches! Hurray! An espresso machine. Potato chips. Bacon. 

In all, it's the sort of place that feels like a butcher shop, yes, but also a neighborhood hub, an anchor, a game changer. If you had air lifted us into the space, we'd swear we were in Brooklyn. That is, if it weren't so distinctly Minneapolitan (which of course means way cooler than Brooklyn). 

Now open

Lowry Hill Meats

1934 Hennepin Ave., Mpls.