The Macallan 55 at St. Paul Grill: a super fancy drink of the week

Aged for fifty-five years and $750 a glass.

Aged for fifty-five years and $750 a glass.

Aged for fifty-five years and $750 a glass.
The Macallan 55
$750 a glass

This Drink of the Week should probably be described in the voice of Robin Leach from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, so image that.

The Macallan 55 is a Highland single-malt scotch whisky, meaning this little sip has been aged in an oak barrel in Scotland for 55 years, distilled from malt barley at only one distillery.


Bottled in a lovely Lalique amber glass decanter, this bottle has its own lighted showcase. The St. Paul Grill is the only establishment in Minnesota to serve this exclusive selection. It bought four bottles in 2008, out of only 420 bottles made, and only 100 imported to the U.S. The St. Paul Grill sold one bottle for $12,000, and is now down to less than two bottles. Current value of the bottles run in the $12,000 to $15,000 range.

Since we do not have the budget to do a tasting, we had to rely on the folks at to share their tasting notes:
NOSE: Rich, polished oak with exotic, sweet dried fruits, citrus, and a hint of peat-smoke.
PALATE: Spicy, with sun-dried raisins and orange zest.
FINISH: Wonderfully soft, smooth, and spicy, with lingering touches of citrus and peat-smoke

And whoever gets the last sip gets to keep the bottle.

The Saint Paul Grill
350 Market St., St. Paul, 651.224.7455