The Lynn on Bryant: Now open [VIDEO]

All-day cafe with a French twist now open in Lynnhurst
All-day cafe with a French twist now open in Lynnhurst

Courtesy The Lynn on Bryant

After a short, sweet, and successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the additional $25,000 it  needed, the Lynn on Bryant in Lynnhurst has officially opened its doors to the public. Even in its earliest days of development, the surrounding community seemed to embrace the concept of this restaurant, owned by chef Peter Ireland and manager Jay Peterson.

The restaurant is an all-day affair that's serving everything from Kopplin's coffee to French classics at lunch to takeaway heat-and-eat dinners for the entire family. The type of diner Lynn of Bryant has in mind seems to be everyone from the customer stopping in for a morning pastry to someone craving a plate of duck confit or delicate trout soufflé. It's no wonder Lynnhurst residents were championing the restaurant from the get-go. 

Now it finally looks like it's time to eat. So what's on the menu, and how many dining experiences can you expect from this one restaurant? Spoiler: It's a bunch.

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The restaurant, on the corner of 50th and Bryant near new-ish neighborhood pub George and the Dragon, is divided into two sections, the cafe and the dining room. The cafe side seats 30 people and is intended for more casual dining at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, whereas the dining room, which is open for dinner only, is a more intimate, upscale affair with room for 28 guests. 

Breakfast offers coffee and pastries from Patisserie 46, a daily changing omelet, fruit-stuffed French toast, steamed eggs Florentine, and maple bacon steak. When the kitchen changes over to lunch, you can expect classics like croque monsieur/madame, a goat cheese and ratatouille tartine, and frisee and lardon salad. There's also a beef or house-made veggie burger with fries if Frenchy food isn't your thing. 

Eating with kids? One of The Lynn's options for pint-sized dining is an ingenious presentation of child-friendly tapas served in a little muffin tin. Kids (or their keepers) can choose six snacks and sides to fill the cups. There's fish sticks, chicken lollipops, ants on a log, veggie purees, cheese, and other options. The best part? The charge for this "hodgepodge" is the dollar equivalent of the diner's age. 

Cafe dinner service includes many items from the lunch menu plus a few larger plates like maple-glazed whole chicken leg and baked gnocchi, as well as a fennel salad and fricassee of escargot. The more formal dining room dinner menu features more complex, slightly higher-priced dishes like Berkshire pork loin with spiced cider sauce, bouillabaisse, black cod with white beans, and a baby pumpkin filled with chestnut custard, quinoa, and roasted cauliflower.

If neither the cafe or dining room experience sounds like it will float your boat, with a little notice the Lynn on Bryant will prepare a family-style meal to bring home or take on a picnic.

For more background on the owners, their farm-to-table ethic, and images of this fabulous-sounding food, check out their video.

The Lynn on Bryant
5003 Bryant Ave., Minneapolis
612.767.7797; Lynn on Bryant website

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