The Lowry dedicates a week to local artist Scott Seekins

Local artist Scott Seekins gets a whole week dedicated to him at Uptown's the Lowry

Local artist Scott Seekins gets a whole week dedicated to him at Uptown's the Lowry

If you've ever lived in Minneapolis, you know you've seen him. His notorious suits and infamous hair are things of local legend. Starting today, the Lowry in Uptown is hosting a week-long celebration in his honor. He is Scott Seekins.

All week long the Uptown restaurant will be featuring a variety of events all in the name of Seekins. If by chance you've never actually laid eyes upon the man, now's your chance. There will be art showings, a look-a-like contest, and yes, there will be a meet and greet. You'll even have a chance to get your hands on limited-edition pint glasses and T-shirts that bear his now iconic visage.

[jump] The events kick off today with a party featuring several black and white themed cocktails which are representative of his two outfit choices. Seekins is known for his wintertime black suit and his summertime white suit. The change of Seekins's suit is more telling of a season swap than any groundhog ever could hope to provide.

On Tuesday, a collection of Seekins's art will go up on the walls of the Lowry, and the local artist will also do some live art for all to see.

The rest of the week will feature a meet and greet with Seekins, a special wine tasting, and a look-a-like contest where contestants will put together their best Scott Seekins outfits. 

On Saturday, the Lowry will host a Black and White party (again, in honor of Seekins's suits), and will feature a menu of black and white edibles, cocktails, party favors, and various other black and white themed goodies and events.

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