The Lowbrow: Happy hour of the week and a tofu Stonehenge

A Kingfield happy hour

A Kingfield happy hour

The Lowbrow

4244 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis


Hours and details:

Tuesday - Friday, 3-6 p.m. and 9 to close

$1 off taps, appetizers and glasses of wine

Here's the details...

Here's the details...

It's a neighborhood place with a basic happy hour, but is it worth a weeknight trip to Kingfield?


Venue: The place is packed on a Thursday night and the Twins game is on at the bar. These are sure signs of a neighborhood hangout, although this one has a higher class of menu and graphic art gracing its walls. While it may be fairly new, The Lowbrow fits Kingfield's citizenry to a T, and the baseball card festooned bar personally warms our Hot Dish heart. They've got it covered as far as the taps are concerned, with Grainbelt and a host of craft brews -- mostly local (Lift Bridge, Fulton, Rush River) and some not (Bell's). For wine drinkers, the selection is heaven-sent in comparison to other places where you watch the game, and the appetizers, or snacks as they are called on this menu, include real jalapeño poppers, fish tacos, nachos and an unlikely fave, Southern fried tofu that comes with a tangy BBQ sauce (the deviled eggs are not discounted).

Verdict: We love the place, but wish that the deal was a little deeper. $1 off is a friendly gesture from this venue with great vibes, but not exactly a reason to head into the wilds of Southwest Minneapolis. It puts most of the beers at around $4 (the Grainbelt is $2.25) and the wines range from $4 for house to around $7.50 for the finer quaffs. That's all well and good, but a burger bargain or some other special would really fluff up this happy hour. However, we still say if you live nearby, stop in so to soak up the atmosphere and start saving those dollars. Plus, the poppers are delicious ($7.25 regularly/$6.25 at hh).


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