The Local sells world's most Jameson for third year

The Local is great, no question, but it's still hard to believe how it could sell the most Jameson in the world, don't you think? But it's certifiably and undeniably true.

The company keeps track of its worldwide sales and distribution (duh) and for the third year running, not Boston, not Chicago, not Dublin itself could beat out the Minneapolis pub's sales of the Irish whiskey.

According to the Strib, the Local sold 671 cases of the whiskey in 2008 (about 22 bottles a day). Two Jameson representatives flew in last night to honor the distinction with a plaque that the bar will insert into its floor.

Peter Killen, managing partner of the Local, attributes some of the sales to the success of their signature "Big Ginger" drink, which combines 2 oz of Jameson with gingerale, lemons and limes. It's a particular hit with women, he says, who don't necessarily tend to be drawn to whiskey.

He admits the bar steers patrons toward Jameson, but as much out of their affection for the product and its origins as for its competitive spirit and desire to hold on to the title. No question the pub has benefited from having won the distinction. Killen says tourists like hearing about the award and partaking themselves in an effort to contribute to future wins.

While the Local may have the worldwide title solidly under its belt, the pub doesn't always sell the most Jameson on the biggest Irish event of the year, St. Patrick's Day. Killen says the Local, the Liffey and Kieran's compete amongst themselves for the Twin Cities distinction.

Stay tuned for this year's results next week.