The Juicy Lucy is going global, baybeee

How do ya think a Thai take on a Juicy Lucy stacks up to the Twin Cities version?

How do ya think a Thai take on a Juicy Lucy stacks up to the Twin Cities version? u/ZonasFostonas, Reddit

Is the humble Minnesota-born Juicy Lucy poised to become a global phenomenon, drenching unexpecting corners of the world in a torrent of molten cheese and leaving a trail of scorched palates in its volcanic wake?

If two photos posted to local Reddit forums earlier this week are any indication... maybe?

Here's one from Medellin, Colombia, uploaded to r/Minneapolis, showing a sign for "Juicy Lucy: Cheese Inside Burgers" (or Juicy Inside Cheese Burgers Lucy, depending on how you choose to interpret the typography):

Spotted in Medellin, Colombia from r/TwinCities

And another, seen in Phuket, Thailand:

Spotted a few days ago walking around Phuket, Thailand from r/TwinCities

The Colombian Juicy Lucy joint is actually one of two locations, according to its websiteThey serve a cheddar-filled version and a Blucy, along with a pineapple "Honolulucy." And at least one local thinks they're damn good: A "Jeff" at Medellin Living ranks it among his top 12 burger places in the city.

Reddit user u/ZonasFostonas, who posted the second photo, has actually been living in Thailand for the last six months teaching English, but only recently decided to travel down to the historic city of Phuket Town, which is where this Juicy Lucy restaurant was spotted. They decided not to check out the restaurant "because I had already had plenty of American food," but another Redditor posted reviews of the restaurant on that r/Minneapolis post, and the results are pretty positive.

"Maybe next time I am in Phuket I will eat there!" Zonas writes to CP. (For the record, Matt's makes their favorite Lucy in the Twin Cities.)

We're gonna try to get the transplant's take on a Thai Juicy Lucy, and will report back with the results.