The Jucy Lucy named one of TIME Magazine's 17 most influential burgers

The influential Jucy Lucy at Matt's Bar

The influential Jucy Lucy at Matt's Bar

Yesterday, TIME Magazine put out a list of what it considers to be the top 17 most influential burgers of all time and the Jucy Lucy, a Minneapolis-perfected phenomenon, comes in at number 10. The people at TIME interviewed "burger historians and experts" to compose the list of the burgers they believe have had the biggest impact on "the burger industry."

As for the Jucy Lucy, the article states, "it gained national attention in 2008, thanks to a feud between two Minneapolis bars that both claim to have 'invented' it. Since then, there have been numerous imitators, proving that a little innovation and a dash of hype is all it takes to reinvigorate enthusiasm for a classic." 

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Of course, the two restaurants that the TIME Magazine article refers to are Matt's Bar and the 5/8 Club, both located on Cedar Ave in South Minneapolis. The feud is something of local legend, but the listing refers to a 2008 article in the Minnesota Daily that brought the dueling restaurants into the national spotlight. The burger battle took to the national arena again on an episode of Travel Channel's Food Wars.

According to TIME Magazine, the origins of the Jucy Lucy can be traced back to the 1920's, but it notes that the burger landed on the menu at Matt's Bar in 1954. According to the 5/8 Club's website, the influential sandwich was born in the 1950's.

Other notable burgers on the list include the infamous "Lab" burger, the trendy ramen burger, and at the number one spot: the White Castle slider.

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