The Hunter's Moon at FIKA: A fully developed drink of the week

FIKA's featured autumnal cocktail has us waxing poetic.
FIKA's featured autumnal cocktail has us waxing poetic.

Hunter's Moon FIKA $9

As the earth turns around the sun, and the constellations rearrange themselves in the heavens, so too do cocktail lists align themselves with the seasons. All but the most stuck-in-the-mud imbibers drink according to the changing climate. With that in mind, turn, turn, turn to FIKA's featured fall cocktail, the Hunter's Moon, designed with whiskey and wine to warm and revive you in this season of deer stands, duck blinds, and padding your stores for winter. See also: Hard Cider at Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery: Take a walk with this drink of the week Pear Sidecar at Pittsburgh Blue: A subtly seasonal drink of the week

If a museum café is not usually number one on your happy hour hot spot list, it's time to reconsider. Unique pre-dinner bites, a cocktail list on par with the best of the Twin Cities bunch, and a sweet little Wednesday happy hour should bump FIKA squarely to the top. Find a perch in FIKA's wide open dining room, bask in the abundance of natural light, and sip this seasonal whiskey sour while you can.

Aptly named for its celestial namesake, the Hunter's Moon is round and full and a luscious lemon-yellow, served over rocks in a stout glass, with a swirl of red wine floating dreamily over the top. "I recommend you skip the straw," counseled Dustin Thompson, executive chef at FIKA; all the better to take in the fragrant wine before it fully incorporates into the drink.

The Hunter's Moon is a type of New York Sour (a classic whiskey sour with a red wine float), made with Bulleit rye, St. Elizabeth allspice dram for a punch of warm spice, and fresh lemon juice. It's elevated by the addition of a piloncillo syrup, house-made from this lesser known Mexican sugar, which is described by Thompson as dark and so raw it arrives with chunks of hull still mixed in. "It's completely unrefined, with this grassy, pure cane taste."

The best of both worlds, the Hunter's Moon has the rich, spicy darkness of a cold weather sipper, but adds a pop of citrus brightness. Trust us: Embrace the winter moon waxing and drink more whiskey.

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