The Hunger Games, an ironic collection of recipes

Never has the adult world gone so over the top rabid for a young adult book trilogy.  Except maybe that one other time with the Mormon-inspired sparkly people.  But as the movie for theHunger Games, the first installment of Suzanne Collins' trilogy about a dystopian future approaches and the media surrounding it whips expectant viewers into an unsightly froth, we noticed an interesting food-related trend.

First, a crib sheet for the uninitiated: The story centers on fifteen year old Katniss Everdeen who volunteers to enter the arena of the Hunger Games, a televised event where teenagers must fight to the death for the entertainment of an oppressive government. She also struggles with wrenching matters of the heart as she is forced to choose between two boys, Peeta, the kind boy who must join her in the ring or Gale her hunting partner and best friend.  While there are no bare-chested werewolves, there is much heated romantic tension in the midst of a mounting war.  

It seems an unlikely source for culinary inspiration and yet the internet is swirling with recipes devoted to foods written about in the book. (Which we read out of journalistic intengrity for the basis of this story.)  (There might have been some Gale cheering on the part of this article's author.)  (Shut up.) From the Mellark bakery to the Capitol's lamb with prune stew to Mocking Jay cookies, here is an internet round-up of some of our favorite Hunger Games inspired recipes:

5. Peeta Mellark's Basic Bread recipe

4. The Crescent Bread from District 11, where Katniss's young ally Rue was from.

3. Black Market Squirrel Stew - ("be sure brain, stomach and skin removed, they will ass a dark and musty flavor.")

2. Artfully decorated Mocking Jay cookies with ominous directions.  (For the love of Finnick, let that icing dry overnight.)

1. Katniss' favorite, directly from the unauthorized Hunger Games Cookbook, lamb stew with dried prunes.

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