The Hot Dish Preview: 7/4/08

In tomorrow's edition of The Hot Dish, updates on St. Paul restaurants Krua Thailand and George's on Plato, the skinny on the Basilica Block Party's happy hour promotion and a rundown of the gastronomic offerings available at The Taste of Minnesota.

Also, The Hot Dish chats with ChopHouse manager Mark Luedtke about his restaurant's side dish contest, which is challenging local foodies to come up with new menu items for the eatery. Modest amounts of fame and fortune are at stake.

The Hot Dish Preview: 7/4/08

"We wanted an idea that would engage some of the local people —particularly the foodies who fancy themselves excellent cooks," Luedtke said. "The thought was, we'd engage them and give them an opportunity to try out some of their best dishes on the general public."

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