The Hot Dish Preview: 12/12/08


In tomorrow's edition of The Hot Dish, more new Japanese food in Uptown, pizza on the move, the best biscuits and gravy outside of Kansas City and more.

Also, The Hot Dish talks to blogger Andy Sturdevant, whose Great Gourmet Office Drink Recipe Contest challenges office workers throughout the area to create something wonderful using little more than the contents of the office breakroom. In addition to tiny packets of pepper and half-n-half, contestants also have the option of using one secret ingredient.

"I think spices of some kind will be the secret," Sturdevant says. "You can really let a lot slide in terms of the quality of your ingredients if you throw in something like cardamon or saffron. Think of how terrible medieval European food must have been before trade routes to the East opened up. That's sort of what you're dealing with in this situation -- the Coffeemate and vacuum-packed grounds are all bland and undistinguished in the same way I imagine, say, Frankish herring gruel must have been to your average peasant.

"Introducing something like anise or coriander to that palate is almost a revolutionary act," he adds.

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