The Hot Dish Preview: 12/05/08


In tomorrow's edition of The Hot Dish, December restaurant specials, a preview of New Year's Eve, camel chops, new uses for Spam and more.

Also, The Hot Dish talks to the owner of a heritage pig farm that suffered a devastating fire last month. She's hoping that volunteers will help her rebuild a unique part of the Midwest's agricultural landscape.

"We have a personal relationship with the animals here, we know them by name, and we've raised most of them from birth," says Arie McFarlen of Maveric Heritage Ranch. "The building and equipment loss is incidental compared to what we've lost with our companions."

"We intend to rebuild because we believe in what we're doing. We don't want to give up our mission to keep people on family farms and to continue to produce healthy food, and to keep any of these pig breeds going extinct, at least in our lifetime."

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