The Hendrick's at Five Watt: Our new favorite drink blends cold press and cocktail bitters



Recently cocktail bitters have been popping up in donuts (Glam Doll) and ice cream (Sweet Science), and adding all kinds of new, intoxicating flavors to beverages (hello, toasted coconut bitters at Hola Arepa), but Five Watt Coffee in Kingfield might just be the first in town to pair cocktail bitters with cold press, and the results are delicious. 

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The recently opened shop uses coffee beans from Kickapoo roasters in Viroqua, Wisconsin, for the super-smooth, vaguely mineral-y cold press and makes its own simple syrup infused with the fresh, gin-inspired flavors of juniper and basil. The iced drink is topped off with a few drops of perfumey grapefruit bitters and a slug of cream for richness. The overall effect is somewhere between a really great iced latte and a patio-friendly Campari cocktail. Coffee has never been so refreshing.

It's worth noting that the Bulldog, the smaller, earthier cousin of the Hendrick's, was delicious too. If you like those big smashable chocolate oranges Santa puts in your stocking at Christmas, you'l love this drink. It's espresso, black walnut bitters, a little orange zest, and milk, and it's killer with the Nutella-stuffed doughnut from Bogart's, just a few blocks west of Five Watt. However, if you opt to stay, know there is a fresh selection of goodies from Patisserie 46 here, and free wi-fi. 

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