The Hanger Room brings a classic steakhouse to Willernie

It was an auspicious task--turning a bowling alley into a fine steakhouse--but Nick Miller, [former] co-owner of the Happy Gnome, was up to the task. His newest venue, the Hanger Room, is near completion.

Despite the usual delays, a September 27 opening is tentatively planned for the restaurant in Willernie (neighbor to Mahtomedi), in the former Wildwood Bowl and Lounge, according to the Pioneer Press. Here's what Miller has planned:

Chef Leonard Anderson, former executive chef at W.A. Frost, will be at the helm, with a menu focusing on locally sourced produce, meat, poultry, and fish.

The restaurant will give new energy to the classic steakhouse by curing and dry-aging its meat in-house--making it pioneers in this arena. The bar will focus on wine, bourbon, and single-malt scotch.

The Hanger Room
310 Stillwater Road, Willernie


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