The Great Minnesota Pie Extravaganza: Road Trip! Pie!

Because you love pie.
Because you love pie.

It's hard to imagine not having a good time at something called a Pie Extravaganza. But this event is not just a place to eat lots of pie, it's also a chance to study the pies' place in Minnesota history. At this annual event held in Grand Rapids, you can find out what ingredients were used back in the day when pie was prepared for the lumberjacks in the logging camps of the early 1900s. These traditional recipes will be shared, and many of those pies will be prepared for you to sample. Modern-day pies will also be available, along with baking demonstrations you can participate in. Visitors are encouraged to bring along their favorite pie recipe.

Here are more details:

The Forest History Center is a re-creation of a 1900 logging camp, with a floating cook shack, a fire tower, and a 1930s forest ranger's cabin, plus walking trails. We asked Becky at the Forest History Center the best part of the Pie Extravaganza, and she told us, "Well, who doesn't like pie, lets start there! You can try the best pies in the world, including logging camp pies, lemon meringue, wild rice pies-- this is just a delightful event to attend."

Other area attractions include the Edge of Wilderness Scenic Byway, and the Judy Garland Museum.

The Great Minnesota Pie Extravaganza Where:Forest History Center 2609 County Rd. 76 (at Hwy. 169 and Hwy. 2), Grand Rapids, MN., When: Saturday, July 17th, 11am-3pm Price: $8 adults, $6 seniors and college students, $5 children ages 6 to 17; free for children age 5 and under and MHS members. For more information call 218.327.4482 Your map.

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