The great 2009 Whoopie-off


The Whoopie Pie vs. its weak-ass commercial cousin, the Oreo Cakester.

Following up on last week's post about Whoopie pies, or, as one of my friends described them, "the Snuggie of food," the results of the great 2009 whoopie off are in!

I made up a batch of the whoopie "cakes" (they don't look nearly as good as the ones in the magazines, but you all know those are sculped from play dough by professional food stylists, right?) and then got together with frequent Hot Dish commenters Monicream and Juan to assemble 'em with our top three filling contenders: marshmallow, buttercream, and peanut butter. Here's what we found: Monicream: We slathered and slapped together the three varieties, and Juan provided Oreo Cakesters as well (we wanted our whoop-off to be legit, Al!). The homemade whoopies easily dwarfed the Cakesters, which offered little more than a bad floury taste in our collective mouths. On to the real things.

Juan: I agree that the Oreo Fakesters were a distant fourth to the real whoopie pies. While the buttercream was fantastic, it was just too rich for the large amount of filling required for a whoopie pie. It tasted as if there was a stick of butter in each pie, (which there probably was).

Rachel: The Cakesters were crap, the buttercream was too buttery (if there is such a thing), but the marshmallow and peanut butter were equally delish. The marshmallow is, of course, a classic, but I was feeling a slight preference for the pb, as it stood up to the chocolate a little better than the mild-mannered 'mallow. Monicream, Juan, agree or disagree? Maybe I'll have to, uh, sample a few more of the leftovers again this afternoon to be sure... I'm excited to try the ones at Piece of Cake and see how they compare, too.