The Gin & Botanicals at Marin is a top-shelf build-your-own gin and tonic

It's a choose your own drinking adventure with Marin's chart of Gin & Botanicals.
It's a choose your own drinking adventure with Marin's chart of Gin & Botanicals.

Gin & Botanicals Marin Restaurant and Bar $13

It may never happen, but if you ever you tire of having watery vodka-Gatorades pushed into your sweaty palm this weekend, might we suggest taking a breather on the patio at Marin Restaurant & Bar? It's not at all off the beaten path of the Pride festivities, but it sure feels like it when reclining behind those garden walls with a hand-picked Gin & Botanicals nearby.

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We love sweating it out at the festival beer garden swilling a Bud Light Lime as much as the next person, but if top shelf gin and beguiling flavor pairings are feeling more your speed, Marin is where you need to find yourself. They're celebrating one year in business and offering brunch service this weekend right off the Hennepin Ave parade route.

Gin & Botanicals, as a cocktail, is just as it sounds: You pick your gin from a nicely curated list, including Aviation from Oregon or Death's Door from Wisconsin, then Marin does the rest, pairing each spirit with an aromatic element such as Pineapple Sage or Cardamom. They also craft their own tonic syrup with cinchona bark for an extra special touch.

Keeping it local, we opted for Vikre Spruce Boreal gin from Duluth, a tart, wildly floral and yes, spuce-y spirit that evokes that North Woods freshness -- paired with the housemade tonic and a sprinkle of freshly grated nutmeg as the chosen aromatic. These carefully selected elements complemented each other to form a fully refreshing sip worthy of the sticker shock of a $13 gin and tonic. It's Pride, there's much to celebrate, so go ahead and indulge in top-shelf style.

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Marin Restaurant & Bar

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