The Four Firkins Burgled After Grand Opening

Inside of the Oakdale store.

Inside of the Oakdale store.

After an exciting grand opening of a second location, the Four Firkins craft beer store was burgled the following morning, Sunday, October 12, while the store was closed.

The store is keeping details of the theft quiet for security and privacy reasons, but three men were captured by video surveillance taking an undisclosed amount of property, as well as causing damage inside the store.

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Oakdale police are currently working on the case and anyone with information is encouraged to call 651-730-2767. Here are some photos captured by security cameras before alarms scared the perpetrators away:

"While obviously this is a very frustrating and traumatic experience, it has not dampened our enthusiasm for the new Oakdale store," says owner Jason Alvey after a busy weekend of customers seeking the new Surly Darkness imperial stout. "The people in Oakdale and Woodbury are very happy to have us here and tell us so all the time. It's a really positive, excited vibe."

The new store has already beefed up security behind the scenes, though "nothing will change as far as the customer experience is concerned," Alvey says.

Surveillance images from the incident.

Surveillance images from the incident.

The original store opened in St. Louis Park in 2011 and has never been robbed. "We did have someone steal a decorative barrel that we used to keep outside the back entrance," Alvey says. "The thief pulled up in a truck and just loaded the barrel in broad daylight. We never saw him or the barrel again."

The Four Firkins made the burglary news public via their newsletter and have respectfully asked that customers not inquire about the burglary when shopping as very little information can be announced publicly at this time.

"This kind of thing happens far more often than most people realize," says Alvey, noting that beer and liquor stores are not alone in the problem. "When it does, most businesses keep it private for security reasons."

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