The Flying Dutchman at Amsterdam: Get a lift from this drink of the week

Get lifted to new heights with Amsterdam's Aviation variation.
Get lifted to new heights with Amsterdam's Aviation variation.

The Flying Dutchman Amsterdam Bar & Hall $9

Few things are more brilliant than a bluebird sky against a blanket of white, so dazzling your newly developed mole-person eyeballs see spots for hours. Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones who got a chance to escape to far-off fantasy lands like "Mexico" and "Puerto Rico" where things are "warm" and no one's ever heard of a "misery index," and now you're reminiscing about the view from above the cloud line as you jetted away from here. Either way, now is the time to ponder the sky and sip on Amsterdam Bar and Hall's Flying Dutchman.

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Riffing on a classic gin-based cocktail called the Aviation, Dave Roper has created a version perfectly suited to the all-Dutch everything vibe of this bar. Crafted with Bols genever, maraschino liqueur for sweetness, tart fresh lemon juice, and a touch of crème de violette, the Flying Dutchman looks the part with its pale blue hue and tiny ice chips glinting. Where the drink really takes off is with the addition of the hard-to-find genever.

For the uninitiated, genever is the traditional liquor of the Netherlands, made by distilling malt wine and infusing it with select botanicals. It's in a protected category similar to champagne, only legally produced in the Netherlands, Belgium, two provinces of France, and two states in Germany. Considered to be the grandfather of gin, genever adds a malty, woodsy, complex element to an otherwise ethereal Aviation. Where modern day gin seems to evaporate off the tongue with a wisp of juniper, Bols genever anchors this classic cocktail with smooth sweetness and depth. So go ahead, add a dash of levity and get lifted with the Flying Dutchman; genever will be there to hold it down.

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