The Digging offers workspace, resources for Twin Cities artisan food producers

Kieran Folliard launches a new work space for locally based, artisan food makers

Kieran Folliard launches a new work space for locally based, artisan food makers

As if running his own Irish whiskey company weren't work enough, 2 Gingers mastermind and owner Kieran Folliard has set his sights on a new project. The Digging, a small-scale incubator in northeast Minneapolis, will help give local, artisan food makers not only a home, but also access to a wide array of services to help start and operate their small businesses. 

Folliard has purchased a 31,000 square-foot warehouse space on Marshall Street, reports The Journal, The space will become home to a variety of local businesses, including Chowgirls Catering, Skyway Creamery, and Red Table Meat Company -- the long anticipated charcuterie endeavor by local cured meats master Mike Phillips. 

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What makes the Digging really unique is that in addition to the commercial work space, the company will also provide a variety of other services, including access to legal counsel, accounting, marketing, and human resources. And while the space is predominately meant to serve as a commercial production facility, the Digging will also have a tasting room where people can visit and sample products made on-site. The room will also double as a space for special events and cooking classes.

Folliard's son, Tyrone, will run the day-to-day operations at the Digging, and as he told the Journal, "We really look forward to being a part of the community, and working with the neighborhood to see what types of uses people come up with."

Well, we're excited too, as everybody on the lineup for the Digging is already sounds pretty spectacular.

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