The "Dave" in Famous Dave's Is Distancing Himself and Opening a New Restaurant

Dave Anderson is opening a new restaurant, and it ain't a Famous Dave's

Dave Anderson is opening a new restaurant, and it ain't a Famous Dave's

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to introduce to the marketplace something great that bears your name, sell it off, and watch it literally crash and burn? Dave Anderson, the "Dave" behind Famous Dave's, knows all about it. He sold off his concept and his name to a public IPO in 1996. Since then, his original outlet in Hayward, Wisconsin burned down, franchisees have been complaining about lack of support, and stock analysts say the company hasn't lived up to its full potential. And now, the Star Tribune reports that a former McDonald's executive has been brought in to try to right the ship.

Smoked meats from a small town in Wisconsin to slick McDonald's-esque rebranding? No wonder Anderson is ready to start afresh.

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True BBQ lovers know the real treat is in the smoke on the meat, not syrupy sweet sauces, which seems to be what Famous Dave's is famous for. Anderson says he'll go back to his original Hayward, Wisconsin roots (obviously in a different location than the original, burned-down one) and open a new place that focuses on what true BBQ is all about.

Jimmy's Old Southern Smokehouse BBQ (this one is named after his dad) will be about "Making great-tasting barbecue and ­making it from scratch." He was correct in also saying that real BBQ is about a lifestyle, not just about business.

Old Southern Smokehouse opens April 14 at 15768 U.S. Hwy 63 in Hayward.

The new BBQ sauce proudly proclaims: "No high fructose corn syrup."

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