The Cylon Tea Was Created By Man

The clerk at Holy Land Deli said they carried another 11 varieties of Cylon tea... but I was only able to find 10 of them on the shelves.

The Cylon Tea Was Created By Man

A recent trip to Holy Land brought with it a number of happy surprises beyond the Battlestar Galactica-themed tea. Holy Land carries sesame sticks (small, delicious crunchy sesame/honey candies). And, temporarily out of pre-made falafel balls, they sold me a pound of raw falafel mix for a little more than $3.

With the addition of some cumin, Penzey's red pepper powder, salt and dried parsley, the mix was adequately spiced and ready to hit the 375-degree vegetable oil. Within moments, it was transformed from a pile of moist goop into more than 20 delicious individual falafel balls.

Emphasis here on "delicious": If you fry your own falafel at home, it comes out hotter, more tender and more pliable than what you're used to in the world of restaurant food service. It's really great stuff.

Then, of course, you need to figure out what to do with a bunch of hot oil. Life's all about trade-offs.

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