The Creator of the Slayer Pizza Returns with a Bulldog N.E. Halloween Menu


Chef John "Blüd Hammer" Hurkes, creator of the Slayer Pizza, is back -- and this time, his blasphemous cuisine will be available for public consumption at the Bulldog Northeast in Minneapolis. From October 28 to October 31, the Satanic chef will cater to foodies and horror fanatics alike with his special Halloween menu.

Intrigued? We've got the deets.

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Hurkes's menu will be available at the Bulldog N.E. for four days, culminating with "Night of the Living Surly," during which our cherished local brewery will take over Bulldog's taps. The event, which starts at 5 p.m. on October 31, will also feature music by DJs Pat Dwyer and Tony Zaccardi of Grumpy's Northeast.

Most of Hurkes's menu items will be Surly-infused, including his Dead Pretzels (house-made Bavarian pretzels with Black Carbon salt and served with a Surly Furious-infused cheese sauce), the Wagyu Beast Burger (a bacon and beef blend with barbecue glazed hog jowls, a coffee-rubbed goat cheese patty, red onion, and a Surly Darkness "ghastly-rique" on a brioche bun), and the Monster Tot Dish (four monster Gruyere-stuffed tots with squid ink mushroom bechamel sauce, caramelized Brussels sprouts, Surly Damien lamb shoulder, and opal micro basil). The Impaled Pig's Tail, a skewered deep-fried pig's tail with cave-aged blue cheese, is the only Surly-free dish.

But that's not all Hurkes has been up to. As a followup to his Slayer Pizza, he's created The Blood Feast, inspired by Exodus's new album, Blood In Blood Out for Rice and Bread Magazine.

"After almost breaking my wrists stone grinding hundreds of communion wafers for the Slayer Pizza, I wanted to do something a little bit more elegant and sophisticated," he says.

The feast is built around slices of lightly grilled blood sausage from Kramarczuk's. To kick up the gross factor, Hurkes combined blood sausage and "a few other ingredients" in a blender, creating a nauseating pink paste.

The dish is topped off with salted pork belly made with Black Carbon salt from the Dead Sea.

"It's the lowest place on Earth, so technically the closest place to hell," Hurkes says.

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