The Cowboy Special at Turf Club: Don't pony up for this thrifty drink of the week

Beer and a bump at Turf Club: simple, yet effective
Beer and a bump at Turf Club: simple, yet effective
Kelly Moritz

Cowboy Special Turf Club $5

Strong whiskey, cheap beer, downed in quick succession: There's staying power in the simplicity of the Cowboy Special, Turf Club's no frills boilermaker. There aren't any other specials and as far as we can tell the special doesn't often change; this is a bar that sticks to its guns. Just a beer and a bump, take it or leave it, and at five dollars a pop you might as well take it.

A Lincoln gets you a pint of Old Style pulled from the tap, accompanied by a solid shot glass of Ten High Kentucky bourbon, filled to the brim and threatening to overflow as you lift it to your lips. Shoot it straight and feel the burn flood your chest, chased by a swallow of cold suds. If you can belly up in the light of day, all the better, as you'll get your choice of bar stools, rare conversation with the barkeep, and a spectacular yellow gold glow from the Midway construction reflected in your quickly drained beer.

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Turf Club

1601 University Ave. W.
St. Paul, MN 55104


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