The city's 5 most liberal eateries

In addition to the Midwestern hippie's ancestral home, Hard Times Cafe, here's where to take your Palin rants.

The city's 5 most liberal eateries

Leftist leanings and soy lattes at the Seward Cafe.

1. Seward Café Collective ownership, progressive food policies, and the best damned vegan pancakes this side of Berkeley, California.

2. The Wienery This grungy West Bank mosh pit has an impressive assortment of vegetarian wieners and a collection of booking bracelets from the downtown jail (the owner traded with their wearers for free meals).

3. Pizza Luce In case you never knew mock duck was a pizza topping and you've never stood in the "drunk line"...

4. Little T’s In the not-so-recent past, there were few places to dine after midnight besides Perkins and Little Tijuana’s, a place known less for its microwave-quality burritos than its paper-covered tables and baskets of crayons, where punks sketch out their next tatoos and plot their anarchist protests.

*My favorite online review of Little T's: First of all, the food is about as Mexican as a bed of linguini topped with baigan bharta. The chips smell like a cat box, the food is bland, and the wait staff parade around and behave as though they don't have jobs.... Everything is to the extreme in eccentricity, and it's annoying.

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