The Chef Driven Co. invites you to Get Sauced

The graffiti-covered truck invites passersby to "Get Sauced," and it's a hard offer to turn down. The wafting scents of sweet roasted meats and a bevy of complimentary condiment options doesn't hurt either. This truck originally appeared on the streets last summer, and we were happy to see their return. We stopped by for a quickie lunch to get totally sauced.

​The menu is typically a mix of Asian/Mexican fusion dishes.  We opted for the Mexican-style pork tacos (two tacos on corn tortillas with cilantro, cojita, and onions) and the Kalbi-style pork sandwich.

The tacos ($7)  were positively stuffed with meat and impossible to eat without sauce oozing into our cupped hand that was trying to hold it.  The pork was tender and plentiful. The cojita cheese was a nice, mild foil to the salsa.  Because we're gluttons for punishment, we also slathered the thing in the XXX Hot Sauce and were surprised to find it really wasn't a burning taste but a smoky, sweet, tart, hot  flavor--not unpleasant, but not nearly as threatening as expected.  Sadly, the corn tortillas tasted stale and couldn't cope with the amount of sauce or the enthusiasm we put into these little suckers. They crumbled under their weighty load and ended up being skipped over entirely. By the end, we were thoroughly covered in sauce from nose to chin to sidewalk.

​The Kalbi pork sandwich ($8) was mammoth. Piles of sweet, salty pork were crowned with a creamy, cool, crunchy slaw.  The bun was toasted, but we had learned our lesson from the tacos: There would be no attempt to hold this sandwich; we used a fork instead.  The entire business was tasty and wholly satisfying.  

While each dish came with a high dose of flavor all its own, rendering the condiments unnecessary, getting the extra sauce certainly was fun.

Chef Driven Companies' Get Sauced Food Truck

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Get Sauced

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