The Chatterbox Pub's classic patio happy hour

Chatterbox pub

2229 E. 35th St.; 612.728.9871

4501 France Ave. S.; 612.920.3221

800 Cleveland Ave. S.; 651.699.1154

Hours and details:
7 days a week, 2 -5 p.m.; Sunday-Thursday, 10 p.m.-close
50% off all tall microbrews
$4 glasses of wine; $18 bottles
They also have board games and Nintendos. 
Venue: We recently paid a visit to the classic midtown location, in a fantastic little neighborhood in the 3500 block of 23rd Avenue South. There we took roost on the quiet patio and ordered a Chit-Chat, the Chatterbox's version of a Belgian white ale, and one of our favorites. On a hot summer's day, the light, refreshing beer with its slight sweetness and bright citrus flavors can really take the edge off the heat. 

The Chatterbox offers several other varieties of its own craft beers, which include a lager, a dubbel, a seasonal maibock, a pale ale, and a brown ale--a little something for everybody, from avid draft aficionado to casual beer drinker.

We also ordered a few snacks. The Cinco de Mayo dip is the Chatterbox's version of a multilayered dip, with a creamy black bean spread, a zippy ranch sauce, guacamole, pico de gallo, and a good sprinkling of cheese. It was a solid way to accommodate the late afternoon munchies. Fries are another classic accompaniment to a cold beer, so obviously we couldn't resist ordering a small plate of those either.

Verdict: Minnesotans know how to appreciate a nice patio and a tall, cold glass of beer or a decent bottle of wine. Add a little Scrabble to the mix and you've got a near perfect Saturday afternoon at the Chatterbox. 

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Chatterbox Pub

2229 E. 35th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55407


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