The Cave Cafe truck serves Afro-Italian fuision cuisine and fights famine

The baffled newbies stare at the menu. How does one chose between curry or steak sandwich? The lively two-man crew calls out to people, pulling them in, sharing suggestions. Before serving up each pan of freshly made food, the chef offers up a scent, holding out the sizzling pan to each customer. 

The man behind the grill goes by Chef Teddy. He was born Tewodros Negash, a native of Ethiopia. Beginning October 1, he will be donating 20 percent of all profits to the United Nations World Food Program. For the entire month he will be working with area businesses to bring his truck to their workers to feed them well and help raise the funds.

Until then, the truck is usually around the St. Paul area. We stopped by to check out the food.

The fragrant yellow chicken curry was a small mountain of rice, corn, tomatoes, green beans, peas, green bell peppers, onion, and hunks of chicken for $9.  "Do you like spicy," Teddy asked. "Really spicy?"  He added a thick, red condiment that we think would be aptly named the Devil's Ketchup.  It was redolent with a familiar tomato and molasses flavor, then developed a slow burn of heat that suddenly crescendoed near the back of your mouth. There is little that wouldn't be made better by adding a dollop of this sauce.

The Philly Steak sandwich came tucked into an herb flatbread, with tender, thin steak, caramelized onion, and green bell pepper coated in a gooey, white cheese. It comes with a side of chips for $6.50.

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