The Boss is back: Boss' Pizza and Chicken reopens today in south Minneapolis

Same pizza, same place, new ownership.

Same pizza, same place, new ownership. Boss' Pizza and Chicken

When Boss' Pizza and Chicken shuttered its Minneapolis location in June, local fans had two choices if they wanted to get their hands on the tiny, cult-fave chain's pies and broasted chicken.

One was to go to South Dakota.

The other: Travel to Nebraska.

Jeremy Seefeldt started Boss' Pizza and Chicken in what was a small shack in South Dakota's Sioux Falls in 2005, and he actually says the rest of his locations are somewhat far-flung because the south Minneapolis store -- which opened in 2014 -- became beloved by so many.

But the 34th Ave. outpost shuttered in June after "personal issues" on the part of the new owners, Seefeldt says, and has sat dark since. 

Today, thanks to Diana Hidalgo, Boss' is back in the Twin Cities. She and her mom wanted to get into the restaurant biz, and when they saw the shop was up for sale -- and how much people online raved about that broasted chicken -- they decided to take over. Hidalgo's really committed, too: She actually did make that trip out to Sioux Falls to learn how they do the job at the food chain's first store.

What's new at Boss' 2.0, you loyal legions want to know? Other than the owners, absolutely nothing.

The hours are the same, the location's the same, the menu's the same, the food is the same -- "right down to the amount of cheese," Seefeldt chuckles.

"Speed is important," Hidalgo adds, especially given this is a takeout and delivery only joint, "and so is sticking to the original."

Of course, if people keep clamoring for lunch service, they might add it one of these days. And Hidalgo hints that there could be "a little Mexican flare" in the future, too -- a first for the Boss.

Boss' reopens today at 4 p.m., and hours are 4 p.m. to midnight, every day of the week.

Boss' Pizza and Chicken
5501 S. 34th Ave., Minneapolis; 612-727-2677