The Black Forest Inn's roasted, infused vodka drink of the week

Roasted Walnut Infused Vodka

The Black Forest Inn
1 E. 26th St., Minneapolis

After many months of doing the high brow thing, the Hot Dish wanted to take a walk on Eat Street and do the unthinkable -- have some vodka. So we slipped into The Black Forest Inn, ordered schnitzel, sauerbraten and fish pot pie (for Lent) and looked around for a drink to end it all. Or at least go gently into the German night. That led us to the roasted walnut infused vodka -- something we had never sampled before.

Slightly cloudy and on ice
Slightly cloudy and on ice

The roasted walnut infused vodka was a good choice for the environs. It's a brown, slightly cloudy pour that comes up or on ice, and ought be thrown back quickly for best effect. As a companion to the Jäger Schnitzel, it could not be beat, but be forewarned -- sipping and savoring may end in what one of our party called, "an aftertaste like a shag rug."

Drink it with the Jäger Schnitzel
Drink it with the Jäger Schnitzel

Get the roasted walnut infused vodka down and feel the slight sweetness and dusky nature of the stuff. This is not meant for long contemplation, but instead should keep you in the moment, taking pleasure in the revelry that is all around you -- which in this case is fun German fare and the riotous decor of gnomes, antlers and family crests. The Black Forest's infused vodkas can definitely add to the joy of a visit to this Eat Street institution, but be sure to listen to the deer when considering their consumption.  

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