The Birchwood Cafe is supporting Black Lives Matter with customer donations

Eat a savory waffle, then support Black Lives Matter.

Eat a savory waffle, then support Black Lives Matter.

Arguably the most progressive cafe in town, the Birchwood rarely misses an opportunity to imbue their fine cuisine with a little shot of politics and education. They're staunchly committed to supporting our local farm culture, they were one of the few establishments to come out firmly in favor of the Working Families Agenda, and owner Tracy Singleton is a tireless opponent of GMOs in our food and works endlessly as an advocate for Good, Real, Food (the Birchwood's tagline). 

And today this caught our eye: Just because they couldn't be at the recent 4th Precinct Vigil for Jamar Clark, doesn't mean they aren't supporting the cause. They're making it so customers can still advocate for Black Lives Matter by donating at the counter or through servers. 

The Birchwood Cafe 

3311 E. 25th St., Minneapolis