The Birchwood Cafe Cookbook is now available

The secret to the savory waffle lies within.

The secret to the savory waffle lies within.

Can't bear to wait in line for another hour for a savory waffle (the Birchwood's wildfire cult favorite)? Fret no more. The recipe, plus a couple hundred others are now available in their first-ever cookbook to shelve in your very own kitchen. 

It's organized by season — not just the seasons you and I know — but the seasons subtly and deeply held by farmers and chefs: spring, summer, scorch, autumn, dusk, frost, winter, and thaw. 

What's that? Well, now that dusk is upon us, you may very well be thinking bean chili and squash parsnip tofu scramble. But what about in a couple weeks, when things are frostier? Then, gird your kitchen with the likes of maple ham pizza, because ham is in fact impervious to frost. Or, perhaps just tofu breakfast scramble sans squash because hey, haven't we already seen just about enough of the stuff? 

It can go on this way through winter (the horrors) and thaw (hallelujah!). Also, meet the farms, farmers, and other culinary craftspeople indelible to the Birchwood experience.

This could be a fun and important book to have around through the seasons and the ages. Need we even mention it will make an incredible holiday gift? 

Now available at the Birchwood Cafe or online.