The best thing I ate this week

The best thing to come out of France's colonization of Vietnam is, arguably, the banh mi. The pitch-perfect sandwich marries a pillowy, delicately crusted baguette with meat (often pork) or mock meat, pickled and fresh veggies (carrots, cucumber, and usually cilantro), and a generous swipe of mayonnaise. And, best of all, banh mi are super cheap: nearly always less than $5. While I'm a fan of the ones at Jasmine Deli and Saigon, I'm currently enamored with one from Minneapolis's newest street truck:

The best thing I ate this week

This banh mi came from Saffron's new World Street Truck, and it's stuffed with a delicious chicken curry. It hits all the right notes of soft-crunchy bread and crispy-pert veg, but brings us over the top with its kick of heat, fresh basil, and an extra generous amount of filling. (The one criticism I'd ever level at the average banh mi is that the bread can sometimes overwhelm the protein.) So spend your next lunch break at the red truck parked at 5th and Nicollet to access chef Sameh Wadi's talent at an everyday price point.

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