The best "snack-lace" creations from Beer Dabbler

If it hangs on a string, it's cool to bring.

If it hangs on a string, it's cool to bring. Tom Q. Johnson

For the past eight winters, a blocked off parking lot at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds has turned into a sold-out festival of unlimited beer in tiny pint glasses.

The Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival attracts some of the most enthusiastic beer drinkers in the state. One of the most obvious illustrations of the their dedication to their task is the creative exploitation of the no-outside-food rule. According to the organizers, attendees who wear their snacks around their neck are basically allowed to bring in whatever they’d like.

Thus is born the “snack-lace,” an efficient and free way to keep salt and sugar levels up while sampling as many of the 400 beers from 150 breweries as possible.

Simple strings of pretzels are the most common form of salty snack-laces, but some are so replete with treats the snack-laces become meals unto themselves. City Pages collected some of the most decked out snack-laces from the Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival to share how this exploit has blossomed into its very own artform.

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Mark and Cedar

“Ours may be the most 'bourgeoisie' necklaces. We tried for the raw-looking approach. Someone with a dinosaur chicken nugget necklace was handing out the Trump [penis] stickers.”

Ingredients: Peanut butter cups, cookies, pretzels, bread, cheese, jalapenos 



“I made it 2 hours ago. Already ate a bit of the bagel actually.”

Ingredients: Bagel, pretzels, cheddar pretzels, string cheese, sausage



“I just really like Pringles.”

Ingredients: Pringles, Apple Jacks, pretzels


“I was making this and my buddy shows up like ‘I’ve got a surprise!’ Someone else I was with ate hers and everyone cheered. It was a crowning moment.”

Ingredients: Lunchable, cheese, pretzels, M&Ms

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