The Best of Hot Dish: October 25-29, 2010

Halloween rocks.

Halloween rocks.

Halloween rocks.
It's the spookiest weekend of the year, and we don't mean the frost in the trees or our imminent hibernation. It's Halloween, and we hope this weekend finds you knee deep in tiny candy bars, scary outfits, and general merriment. Here's a few H-ween stories we wouldn't want you to miss:

~What are you going to do with all those leftover pumpkins on Monday? We have 5 awesome ideas.

~Since we are on the topic, here are some kickass fancy pumpkins for you artsy types.

~Are you still scratching for a Halloween costume? Let us help with a few DIY ideas for foodies. If those ideas don't grab you, you can always make a Hat of Meat.

~Looking for ways to keep the kiddies entertained and extra sugared-up? Why not make it a cupcake party day.

~Snickers bars are shrinking! WTF, indeed.

Have a wonderful, safe weekend. Happy Halloween!