The Best of Hot Dish: October 18th-October 22nd, 2010

Darkness is upon us.

It has been another delicious week at the Hot Dish. Here are a few highlights from this week's food news:

~Don't forget about Surly Darkness Day, as the brewery releases a limited amount of their big-ass Russian Imperial stout, Darkness.

~Number 69, Jared Allen, teaches you how to cook wild game in his new cookbook. That helps, but does not completely erase the loss of his legendary mullet.

~John Puckett of Punch Pizza chats with the Hot Dish, giving a glimpse at the man behind the pies.

~Why would anyone want to get married at McDonald's? Monica Wright looks into the phenom known as the McWedding.

~President Obama is visiting Minneapolis this Saturday, and Rachel Hutton has a few ideas about where he should dine.

Make it a super weekend, y'all!

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