The Best of Hot Dish: November 15-19

Sit down. Take a load off. Read Hot Dish.

Sit down. Take a load off. Read Hot Dish.

It's the final weekend before the holiday season truly kicks off, so be sure to get some rest and relaxation in now. Kick off your shoes, settle into your comfy couch and pull these lovely Hot Dish stories in close. They will make you laugh and cry and even be quite disgusted at times. Enjoy these fine moments with our blog and then get ready -- because from here on in, it's all turkey, gift-giving and good cheer.

-Laugh at the continuing saga of beleaguered alcohol energy drink Four Loko.

-Cry because Stewart Woodman and Lenny Russo are blog boxing again. Guys, can't we all just get along?

-Get grossed out by the MOA Food Court's pathetic health ratings.

-Cuddle up with parts one, two and three of the Chef Chat with Chris Stevens of Blackbird. So heartwarming.

-And, finally, food for thought: Why can't you be so lucky as to eat a 90% fat diet by order of a doctor like this boy?

Have a low key weekend and we'll see you for Thanksgiving next week!