The Best of Hot Dish: November 1-5, 2010 (and a freebie)

Fall means football and beer at Hot Dish.

Fall means football and beer at Hot Dish.

It's now truly fall and one thing is for sure--this week at the Hot Dish has seen a lot of football-related news, thanks to now ex-Viking Randy Moss. However, in addition to this grand tale of spoiled behavior sparking a deal for diners, we also served up photos, beer news and info about free stuff for your pleasure. Here are some of the most popular posts, starting with the dish dis heard round the (NFL) world.

  • Oh, Randy. Here's the goods on his expletive-laced opinion about the team's post-practice buffet last Friday.
  • The Hot Dish's visit to the scorned restaurant, Tinucci's, and the subsequent deal the eatery is offering former Moss fans are must reads to understand the full extent of this gridiron food drama.
  • Moving on to a close relative of football's--beer--Bryan Buser of Four Firkins chatted with Monica Wright about how best to enjoy a brew.
  • Hello, free stuff. Care to find out just what Sweets Bakeshop is giving away for its birthday? Find out here.
  • And lastly, some photos for the foodies out there. This slideshow of Gorkha Palace is sure to make you want to stop in for some of those tasty yak momos.
Think of the Hot Dish when you watch the Moss-less Vikings on Sunday, and don't forget to change your clocks this weekend too.

**And here's a bit of late breaking news: Cafe 128 is giving away dessert to diners tonight in honor of it's third anniversary. Jill Wilson says it will be a chocolate chunk brownie with Izzy's vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce, and carmelized pecans!