The Best of Hot Dish: January 10-14

This week's Hot Dish offerings have brought us tons of national chain news, resto openings and closings, and other fun stuff. But as we prep ourselves for another weekend of staying warm (a little snack of biscuits and cheese sounds good about now), what really struck us was the plethora of great names that hit the food press since Monday. So here it is--our best of the week, with what we think are good titles for the film version.

  • RumChata! Yes indeedy -- a celebration of the fact that Minnesota is tops in  consumption of the liqueur.
  • Porcine and Pi: A cautionary tale of pizza, name-calling, and reciting important basic geometry.
  • Chino Latino 1, 2 & 3-D: A documentary trio of interviews with Chef Tuan Nguyen about the inspiring story of the first Asian chef at CL (and okay, nothing is in 3-D, unless you actually make his recipe for baby back ribs)
  • Aditi Kapil: A portrait of a multiculti playwright who eats from a Bulgarian/Indian/Swedish POV.
  • Kung Fu Zimmern: An animated video wherein Andrew fights for his right to eat bizarre foods (and improbably takes down a whole slew of guys)

There you go--action, drama, documentary, and a possible musical (RumChata?). We hope that will set you up a Nice 'n' Cheesy weekend. 

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