The Best of Hot Dish: August 16-20

Meat. This week the Hot Dish was all about carnage. Big meat sandwiches, bratwurst, steak, charcuterie: roasted, fried, BBQed, and boiled. Read all about some of this week's meat-filled highlights here:

~Teddy Hobbins takes on a truly epic sandwich: Mayslack's roast beef.

~This week we celebrate everyone's favorite holiday--National Bratwurst Day! We visit a place where they make 38 kinds,  including Vikings and Packers brats. Get the scoop here. 

~While we are on the topic of meaty sandwiches, Lisa Gulya has two steak tortas duke it out in Manny's Tortas vs. La Alborada. Find out which is the tortiest.

~ As Mike Phillips moves on to greener pastures (literally,) Kate N.G. Sommers stopped by the Craftsman for one last meat-filled hurrah with Phillips in the apron.

~And last, we will leave it for you to decide whether these guys are meatheads or knee-slapping funny, with Parasole's Top 10 most offensive billboards

Have a meat-tastic weekend!

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