The Beers of Winter: Snow Cap by Pyramid


Pyramid's Snow Cap is classified as an English Strong Ale. It's fruity as hell (berries and figs with honey, perhaps?) with an asskicking hops-and-alcohol backbone that makes this "full-bodied winter warmer" live up to its billing.

An effervescently foamy, delicate head and a cola-like color make this an attractive specimen. And while it packs a wallop, it's relatively gentle on the palate, the hoppy bite receding shortly after a sip is swallowed.

Could this beer be any more winter-appropriate? The bottle could have an ice scraper attached to the top. Or toboggan blades attached to the side. Other than that, it's pretty firmly parked into winter drinkin' territory.

Snow Cap Pyramid Six 12 oz. bottles for $8.19 at The Four Firkins Overall Grade (scale of 10): 8 Wintration: 94%